Manage Merchants, as well as agents, and their Customers In-store Payments Seamlessly

With Cluster’s two dinstinct solutions, you can make financial transactions easily accessible.

Agency Banking Technology

Create wealth and bridge the financial inclusion gap by empowering Agents and customers with premium yet accessible and reliable financial service.

  • Delivers high transaction success rates
  • Card issuance at Agent locations
  • Enhanced chargeback module
  • Zero – Chargebacks

Account Opening

Turn Agents into branches and grow your customer base.

Bills Payments

Enable Agents to make bills payments and airtime purchases.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Make transacting seamless for people around your Agents

Loans Origination

End users can begin loan application process from Agents.

Government Collections

Customers can remit Government taxes and more with Agents.

Funds Transfer

Sending money is easy within the cluster network.

Merchant Services Business

A new dimension to how we respond to our client ’s needs. This service is aimed at helping merchants accept payments seamlessly, monitor their inflows for proper reconciliation, and resolve any disputes directly.

  • Instant settlement for all transactions processed
  • Eliminate chargebacks
  • End-to-end training and real-time support

Chargeback Resolution

Merchants can log chargeback claims from the POS device and track the  resolution process

Merchant Loans

Merchants can request loans directly  from the POS devices and ensure seamless repayments

Account Opening

Convert your merchant/ retail customer base to an extension of your branch with the account opening feature

Bills Payment

Enable Merchants to make bills payments and airtime purchases for their customers

Merchant Collections

Empower your merchants with POS devices for both card-based & cardless transactions with instant settlement

Transaction Monitoring

With our interactive dashboard, you have access to real-time cumulative merchant performance

Enjoy Impeccable Banking Experience

Experience a more easy and sustainable way of carrying our banking activities at your comfort

Qore - Complete Automation

Agent Notification Module

Our platform includes a notification module where braodcast message can be pushed to agents (by segment, location etc)

Qore - Setting The Pace

Token Based Withdrawals

This feature offers flexibility on access to fund for own bank customers at agent locations with capability to extend to external bank customers as well.

Qore - Accelerated Go-To-Market

Optimized Transaction Routing

We offer a unique blend of routing options for transactions thus giving you the ability to manage cost while delivering service reliability.

Onboading Support

We offer a bouquet of client onboarding options, to allow seamless market entry for all our clients with dedicated support personnel to guarantee success.

Tomorrow is automated

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