Empowering Financial Inclusion and Growth

Discover how Ekondo Community Bank, established in 1997 with a mission to uplift the economic condition of indigent people, has grown into a leading Microfinance Bank (MFB) serving the people of Cross River State, Nigeria. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Ekondo has overcome numerous challenges and achieved remarkable success in the highly competitive banking industry.


Rising Above the Odds

Ekondo faced several challenges on its journey to becoming a thriving financial institution. These challenges included managing technological deficits, coping with rising operational costs, navigating expansion, ensuring sustainability, and preempting regulatory compliance. These obstacles demanded innovative solutions to drive growth, efficiency, and long-term success.

The Game Changer

In 2014, Ekondo embraced digital transformation by partnering with BankOne, a cloud-based core banking application provided by Qore. BankOne proved to be the catalyst for overcoming challenges and unlocking new opportunities for Ekondo. Here’s how BankOne revolutionized Ekondo’s operations:

Navigating Regulation and Compliance

BankOne streamlined Ekondo's regulatory compliance efforts, providing a centralized platform for managing reporting requirements. This helped Ekondo avoid non-compliance risks and costly penalties, ensuring adherence to the complex and evolving regulatory environment.

Driving Operational Cost Leadership and Sustainability

BankOne reduced operational costs by eliminating the need for physical branches and expensive infrastructure. By leveraging cloud technology, Ekondo achieved significant cost savings, allowing for reinvestment in the business and ensuring sustainability.

Enabling Growth and Expansion

BankOne provided a digital, scalable, and flexible platform for acquiring and serving customers.
Through digital self-service channels and a wide range of APIs, Ekondo expanded its reach and increased its customer base without significant infrastructure costs.

Impact in Numbers

Successfully expanded loan book to a value of


since inception.

Achieved customer deposits exceeding


and an asset base of


Proudly serving a loyal customer base of



Efficiently processing more than


in annualized transactions through robust digital channels.

BankOne has revolutionized our organization's digital transformation objectives and helped us keep up with the latest fintechs in terms of expanding our digital reach and serving our clients seamlessly. Since Covid, our asset-base has grown at 11.1% Annually!


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