Our domain is Africa, but our technology and Service are world class

Are you contending with prolonged implementation periods, tedious and semi-manual back-office operations, cumbersome customisation processes or convoluted 3rd Party integrations? You need to get on Bankone Now!

Standard API Gateway

Bankone is fully API enabled with an easy-to-use Developer portal to simplify your collaborations and digital experiences.

We are a Banking as a Platform (BaaP)

We provide Banking-as-a-Service and Banking-as-a-Platform Solutions

Our services include;

  • Core Banking Software-as-a-Service
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Complete suite of digital Channels (Mobile, internet, and USSD banking)
  • Fully integrated and connected payment systems ecosystem
  • Value added service partnerships via the Banking-as-a-Platform offering

There is a financial solution for your business

As an emerging NeoBank, a regulated financial institution, or a payment-intensive business, our financial solutions will help you unleash all your potential.

Scale your
Fintech Neobank Digital Bank  Microfinance Bank Mortgage Bank Commercial Bank
in record time

Start small and scale fast with secured API’s, bespoke banking solutions for you to become a best-in-class fintech and deliver your customers a world-class experience.




Digital Banks


Do More With Limitless Banking

Digital core banking optimization at it’s best, putting Africa’s banking sector  on the global map.

Reduced Development Cost and Time.

Rather than having to plan and purchase expensive eqipment and software, institutions can utilize the exising infrastructure that the platform provides.

Customized Solutions and Serivices

Financial institution can collect  data from throughout the platform to discover areas of opportunity.

Qore - Accelerated Go-To-Market

Utilize existing API Catalouges

Instead of researching what APIs need to be used for which application, the platform can provide a catalog of APIs and their relevant uses to ensure full use Open Banking

Cloud Security

Trustworthy platform providers take extra precautions to ensure the security of the data on their servers.

Build tomorrow, Today

Together we’ll make the journey seamless.