Whistle Blowing Policy

At Qore, our unwavering commitment is to nurture an environment characterized by transparent and candid communication as the standard, rather than the exception.

This is why we are always open to all our esteemed clients/customers who wish to voice any concerns they may have, and members of staff who want to approach their line managers, or to engage with our management team, especially in instances where there are suspicions of violations of our established standards or policies. 

Have you, in your capacity as a client, member of staff or observer, come across any conduct within our organization from a member of staff that you find to be unethical or lacking in professionalism? We value and welcome your insights and observations.

Please let us know.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of an investigation and the subsequent decisions reached by our Whistleblowing Committee, or if your concern pertains to a member of the whistleblowing committee, we encourage you to use the designated button below to share your feedback. Be assured that we will fully honor your preferences for maintaining confidentiality.

Please let us know.