Qore Partners with eBanqo to Enhance Financial Institutions’ Customer Engagement with AI-Driven Chat Bot Services

Charles Ifedi, CEO and Co-Founder at eBanqo

Lagos, 27/12 

Qore, the leading Banking-as-a-Service platform provider in Africa, has announced a
strategic partnership with eBanqo, an Omni channel Artificial Intelligence (AI) customer engagement
platform. This collaboration aims to empower financial institutions with chat bots that will revolutionize
customer engagements across all messaging channels.

As part of its recently introduced Banking-as-a-Platform offering, Qore is committed to providing
financial institutions with access to key service providers within the African financial landscape. The
platform aims to equip these institutions with the necessary tools and services offered by third-party
providers to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With this comprehensive offering, financial
institutions can enhance customer experiences by offering diverse services such as insurance, lending
automation, cross-border payments, identity verification, and chat bots, among others.

The collaboration with eBanqo represents a significant milestone in the financial services industry as it
enables financial institutions to communicate with their customers conveniently and effectively. The critical advantage of this partnership lies in offering an omni channel customer engagement platform that allows financial institutions to interact with their customers 24/7, across multiple messaging channels with little to no human intervention, also empowering customers to choose their preferred engagement channel when interacting with their financial service provider. However, should the need arise, Financial Institution employees can also pick up conversations and respond directly to customers.


Commenting on this partnership, Charles Ifedi, CEO and Co-Founder at eBanqo expressed enthusiasm,

"Our partnership with Qore represents a big step in improving banking experiences in Africa by combining innovation and a focus on customers. This collaboration enables banks that are committed to improving customer satisfaction to leverage cutting-edge AI solutions for better customer retention. Customers of these banks would be able to engage with their banks very easily 24/7 across mobile app, web, WhatsApp, and social media channels, allowing for 300% quicker resolution of customer issues and seamless interactions. Together, we're revolutionizing how customer engagement works in the banking sector for the better"

Emeka Emetarom, CEO and Co-founder of Qore, further emphasized the challenges faced by financial institutions and how this partnership will revolutionize the African financial sector. He stated,

"Exceptional customer service is crucial for financial institutions to thrive. As customers engage in more transactions every minute, providing seamless customer service becomes a cornerstone for building lasting trust. Particularly during service downtimes, effective and real-time communication between financial institutions and their customers is essential"

Under this strategic alliance, Qore and eBanqo will leverage their strengths, expertise, and resources to
enhance banking platforms. The partnership aims to establish trust among customers by delivering
enhanced offerings and fostering stronger relationships with their banks. The synergistic collaboration
between the two organizations is expected to have a powerful impact on the financial services sector,
driving advancements and fostering sustainable growth.

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